At Say66 we’re revolutionising speech therapy by making it more accessible and fun.

Fun Video Games

Our engaging, fun video games draw children into vibrant worlds that will have your child asking to do more rather than complaining about too much.

AI Tools

Our automated, AI tools analyse children’s speech productions to give children real time feedback and speech and language pathologists detailed assessment reports.

Digital Platform

Our digital platform allows SLPs to remotely monitor children’s progress and adjust their exercises as needed.

Online System

Our online system offers children access to speech therapy on just a tap regardless of their location, with no travel or waiting lists.

Speech Practice

Our speech therapy games integrate speech practice exercises backed by latest research and have been clinically validated.

Say Bananas

Say Bananas is our latest game. It is a brightly themed platformer game, with interwoven speech therapy exercises, that attracts children and keeps them engaged in therapy.

Awards & Supporters

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