Meet the Team

Professor Kirrie Ballard


Kirrie is passionate about helping children with speech sound disorders achieve access to therapy and evidence-based practice. She has over 35 years experience as both a clinician and a researcher. She has practiced in rural, regional and metro areas in Queensland, New South Wales, and the Australian Capital Territory as well as in the USA. Her clinically-focused research has generated new approaches to diagnosing and treating speech sound disorders in children and adults.

Dr. Beena Ahmed


Beena is a speech processing engineer with over 20 years research experience in analysing and recognising patterns in speech. She has worked with speech from across all ages, from young children to the elderly and specifically groups that are not catered for by mainstream speech recognition systems. She is driven to improve children’s access to speech-controlled software, especially as they can benefit hugely from applications such as remote speech therapy tools, interactive reading tutors, as well as speech-controlled toys and educational games.

Dr. Mostafa Shahin

Engineering Manager

Kyle Hammer

Software Developer

Next Steps…

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